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SleekStore installation


You can install sleekStore like any other plugin for WordPress. Here is the installation process, step by step:


To install the plugin:


1. Log in to the WordPress admin panel
By default, the admin panel is available at http://www.–yourwebpage–.com/wp-admin/


2.  From the left menu, select “Plugins -> Add New”


3.  Select “upload a plugin in .zip format” option or just “Upload”.


Upload plugin


4.  Click “Choose File” and locate plugin file on your computer.
If you received plugin by en e-mail as an attachment, first save the file attachment on your computer (e.g. on the desktop) and then click “select file” and select saved file.


Upload plugin

5.  After selecting the file, click “Install Now”.


6.  After installation, click “Activate plugin”


7.  Select “sleekStore” -> “Settings” to complete plugin configuration.